John Levy coined the term over 25 years ago: 

When architecture becomes the entertainment. 

Now JLLP's Architainment productions engage, entertain and result in brand delivery and product sales, whether that be retail, dining, gaming, resorts, civic and cultural, corporate brand or other sector.  

Universal City Walk Hollywood, California
Harrah's Bay View Tower
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Sonic Wall at Parx Casino
Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Las Vegas, Nevada

Stratosphere Tower is a 1,149 ft. towering structure housing a theme park with two thrill rides, a revolving restaurant, cocktail lounge, indoor and outdoor observation decks and wedding chapels. The tallest structure west of the Mississippi, the tower is topped by a 12-story pod.

Viewed as a “diamond in the desert”, by lighting designer John Levy, the pod’s exterior is a criss-cross of one-and-a-half miles of fiber optic cable with lights that change through eight different colors. The pod appears to rotate as a result of the chasing and pulsating effect. The facets of the diamond shimmer with 54 strobe lights, one at each intersection of the fiber criss-cross.

Above the pod, 88,000 2.5W LED bulbs line the High Roller roller coaster’s tracks and 200 ft. Big Shot mast. Fiber optic cable outlines the framework of the 50 ft. needle at the tower’s top while the tower’s legs are illuminated with fifteen 7000W xenon fixtures fitted with custom color changers which bathe the legs in changing hues. The light performance program may be viewed throughout Las Vegas Valley. The entire lighting program is operated by a lighting control system that runs as many as 300 effects simultaneously.